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DJ Services:

"It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we write a few words about Sonia on our big day. Although we provided Sonia with short notice, she gladly made accommodations and accepted to be the DJ at our wedding. Sonia was very supportive and reliable from day 1, which brought us a peace of mind.

Sonia, you kept surprising us throughout the evening with seamless details that brought so many smiles to family and friends alike. Everyone at the reception had a fantastic time and that was thanks to your patience, your talent, flexibility and most important thanks to your positive vibe.

It is safe to say that July 16th was simply dreamy. It was heartfelt, fun and full of magic. People forgot their age, they forgot their problems, their differences and chained in a ‘hora’ dance (Romanian Round Dance) that captivated everyone in the room. The feeling of happiness was obvious to all including to the venue staffing!

Thank you dear friend for being more than a DJ on our wedding day! We will definitely remember that feeling of celebration and complete happiness for years to come!

DJ Sonia, play that wedding day again!"

- With love,
- Gabi and Ioana [Married on July 16th, 2017]

Life Coaching:

"As my life coach Sonia helped me a great deal in different areas of my life, including improving my professional life, boosting my relationships and self confidence. She asks questions that you will not typically ask yourself which allows you to explore new perspectives and ideas and help set goals to expand your world. More than anything I am grateful to her for setting me off on my journey towards a more spiritual life, and for helping me discover the power of gratitude! I highly recommend Sonia's services for anyone looking to improve any area of their life, whether personal, professional or spiritual."
- JM (Toronto)

Workshop Testimonial:

"Sonia lead an 'Angel Wisdom' Workshop where she was able to help me overcome my self-erected barrier of hesitation. This hesitation was not allowing me to recognize my own Divinity for fear of self-aggrandizing. Sonia guided me intuitively and with strength. One of the affirmations she lead me through rang like church bells within me. It read, "Life can only confirm what I affirm first." Something was brought forth -- it is still with me. There is this peculiar quality to Sonia -- one wants to trust her. I am glad I did. Thank you, Sonia. Thank you."
Nicholas [Toronto, ONT]

Event Testimonial:

Sonia's Soul Family Event was pure magic. The care that went into the food, ambiance and music really showed throughout the event. Every aspect was weaved seamlessly together so that I felt I was being guided through a journey of peace and healing.
- Nick W. (Toronto, ON)

I had a great time at the event Sonia hosted [Co-Creating a New Earth with your Soul Family]. Everything was more than I expected. I hope there is another one very soon because I loved being around my new Soul family.
- Andres S. (Toronto, ON)

Sonia’s events are magical gatherings that enable souls to reconnect and realign with their higher selves. They are healing, inspiring and energizing experiences that are not to be missed!
- Andy Lee (Toronto, ON)

Angel Cards Testimonials:

"Sonia was extremely helpful to me with a large issue in my life. Her reading was extremely informative and really gave me a lot of clarity with a large issue that was really bothering me. Her work is fantastic and I highly advise anyone who needs guidance or clarity to go to for a reading."
Julie Campbell (Hamilton, ON)

"Thank you very much for taking the time to meet with me. It was very refreshing & empowering and provided me with much guidance."
Karen S.

"Thank you for opening up the process I need to take to forgive in my life".
Dara (Markham, ON)

"It brought some much needed clarity & direction for my Higher Purpose. All that was shared was necessary. Thanks & gratitude for the time you took with me."
Tansy (Hamilton, ON)

"Thank you Sonia for an intuitive and guided reading. You have a way of delivering the messages so that I can understand and use them in my life."
Cassidy (Windsor, ON)

"Sonia helped me move through some really intense sadness/depressive feelings. She called in Angel help, speaking words that truly touched my soul. She chose cards from 5 decks and guided me through their messages. I cried throughout the reading, hearing & opening to the truths she brought up. I feel more hopeful and have active steps & affirmations to help me as I move forward. Thank you so much!"
Eliza (Buffalo, NY)

"A wonderful experience. Sonia beautifully channels messages that we need to hear and delivers them in a gentle way. She offers guidance & next steps that are easy to follow. Really grateful."
Ida H. (Toronto, ON)

"...I stumbled across Sonia offering Divination Service. Her presence was at once very nurturing and compassionate as well as playful and fun. My divination reading was interpreted with clarity and precision. If felt very personalized and I received important validations, encouragement and specific guidance for my next step in self-development. Very thankful to Sonia and the Angels that work through her."
Norbu D. (Etobicoke, ON)

My personal angel card reading with Sonia was nothing short of enlightening! She went out of her way to make my Card Reading a personalized, private experience. And experiencing it in a natural, outdoor setting made it an even more magical experience. I am so glad I decided to do the reading because I am currently going through a transformative phase in my life. Through Sonia's intuitive ability to communicate with the Angels, I was able to receive important life information that I needed to hear regarding family, love, and work.

I would recommend receiving an Angel Card Reading by Sonia regardless if you believe in Angel communication because her intuitive reading will definitely give you good food for thoughts to ponder. Plus you will have fun and relax with her humor and calming mood. Oh, and her lavender spray will also relax you while adding a sacred ambience to the special reading :)
A.H., Seattle, WA.

On a warm day in July, I went for an Angel Card Reading at Sonia’s place. It was very calming and insightful. Sonia was very professional, easy to listen to and easy to talk to. She picked up things I did not know. She also gave me some good tools for my spiritual tool box. Sonia is definitely someone to go to if one would like to know more about what spiritually is going on with them and for themselves to evolve spiritually.

Thank you very much Sonia. You help make the world a better place!
Greg S. [Markham, Ontario].

I write this with sincerity of purpose for those whom might come across your name or articles. I first met Sonia through a good friend of mine as we met at a very beautiful setting on top of a cliff in a peaceful quiet area overviewing Lake Ontario; she offered to read a Tarot card for a friend of mine and then she asked if I 'd be interested to have a reading done by her and I accepted.

Although that was my very first time having someone read a Tarot card for me but I decided to go for it and soon I learned she had a gift of telling me story that was relevant to my life and worthwhile listening to. All I can say is, let her once to read for you and I am sure you will trust what she has to say about you and you would definitely like to see her again.

My very best wishes to you Sonia in stepping up into this realm of guidance.
I surely like to have more reading done by her as I recommend others to her too.
Mostafa. Toronto, Canada

The card reading Sonia gave me was bang on. It said a lot about me becoming a healer, being a teacher and working with children which makes sense because I just got my Reiki One and love doing child care at the Eco Village where I used to live at. I am always surrounded by young ones. The reading also said I should get in touch with Archangel Raphael to help me with becoming a Healer.
Peter Holm, Salt Spring Island, B.C. on iTunes on Soundcloud on Facebook on Twitter on G+ on Youtube

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