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Message from the Native Ancestors, Angels & Guides - Monday 17-7-2017

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The River

When I was a young boy, my Grandfather taught me to be honest to myself and to others. I was once about to cross a river and an old man stopped by to give me direction, I was lost. I asked him: “How much do you know about the place?”

And he said: “Just like the river, it’s in your heart. You follow your heart, you will know your way. You’ll know your way in life, just as you follow the flow of the river, you follow your heart and that will take you on your right way, on the right way.”

He said: “If you don’t lie to yourself, if you are honest to yourself you always follow your heart, therefore you always know how to flow. Just like the river flows in the right direction, on the right path. And so, if you don’t lie to yourself, if you do not build that habit, you can easily follow the river and the call of your heart.”

That’s what the old man said and he disappeared.

So once again, I was left by myself to decide which way to go. So I took the moment to ask the Spirit inside of me which way I should go, which way is the river, which way is the river in my heart, which way is the flow.

And I took 3 deep breaths and I then I realized that I was already going the right way. And sometimes people, just like the man, appear to connect you or to give you guidance to put you back on the path that you were supposed to go on.

My grandfather said: “When you don’t lie to yourself, if you keep yourself clean, like the water of the river and you can see right through, there are no lies in your words, in your thoughts, to yourself, to others and in your words to others because you keep yourself clean and clear, like water of the river, which is the way the Creator gave it to us, which is the way we have to keep it, which is the way it flows best and it is the most natural and beautiful way.

In that way, use your words, your thoughts as prayers of clean water as it flows best from the Creator through you, and that’s a river too, the thoughts that you have are from the Creator. And the cleaner your heart is, the easier the river, or the flow of the Creator, flows to you. The easier you are able to interpret it and follow it along in the right way for you to live a good life.

And so today, I speak to you from my heart. I wish to share with you upon our wisdom, which is a direct flow from the Creator to you, as I use these words.

Make sure your river is clean with the thoughts you speak and think and the words you use for yourself to yourself and to others. For you are also a river from the Creator. As there are many rivers on this Planet, there are many Human Beings. And so some are denser than others, so that’s why it is hard for them to follow their own flow, their own river, because they’ve spent time in that dirty water. They have ‘dirtied’ their mind with the thoughts or the words that they use.

But you see, the Creator loves them just as much as we love you. We do not distinguish between the water that’s clearer or the water that’s too dense or ‘dirty’ as you called it. We love them all equally because they are all rivers. We created each other. And so we love you all equally, infinitely and unconditionally, beyond your understanding, beyond your thoughts, your words. We love you.

We always guide you to get back onto the river, onto the flow of the river, the path of least resistance, the path which creates a beautiful flow of good energy, good thoughts and words and good actions in your life. We always guide you.

Sometimes, because you have spent time with other Humans and they have kind of ‘dirtied your waters’, so-to-speak, you have a hard time recognizing our guidance and that, we understand. We love you infinitely, immensely even if you cannot follow the guidance, even if we send you a thousand signs, yet you do not see, yet you do not hear, yet you do not speak, yet you do not understand.

But we appreciate and we honour every and all who, depending on the depth or the cleanliness of their river, they try. We honour each and every single river and that means each and every single Human on the Planet, no matter what they are doing, no matter what they are thinking, no matter what they are up to. We Love them. We love you immensely. We understand that this is a test of your Free Will.

And so we also wish to speak of the Planet.

We know a lot of people are afraid about what is going on with the Planet, the trees, the water, the pollution. But when the Creator created this Planet, you were there, you watched it all be created. You! I am talking to You! You saw it being created before you decided to come here. We knew it had the potential to destroy itself, from the inside out, from each river. So if each river, if it became so polluted, it would eventually engulf the whole Planet and be destroyed. This is a metaphor. It is a symbol of what we are saying. If all Humans poison their minds, every single Human from the little one to the oldest one, if they all poison their minds, this Planet would have been destroyed in no time, four times. Yet, this time you have chosen not to follow that path. We honour you. We honour you for that and we want you to know that no matter what it is looking like on the outside, things are always better than they seem.

Remember, we, Your Ancestors, Angels & Guides, in the Higher Realm, are not better or bigger than you, however we have the bigger picture which you cannot comprehend with your Human mind at the time. That is why we are with you, in you and we are guiding you to understand that this ‘Humanism’ is temporary.

And so, whatever you see…people doing, the way they are acting, talking, things they are doing, those things are temporary. They do not last. However, if you keep thinking about it and replaying it in your mind it becomes part of your reality and that is hard to erase. For you, it creates suffering. For you, it creates pain.

When you focus on these things and what these people say or do, remember there is no greater power, than You. The way you are. The way we created you. The way you truly are in spiritual truth and spiritual essence which you cannot comprehend right now with your Human mind, no matter how enlightened you are, no matter how much you pray, no matter how much you meditate. It is not all that you are. It is just a glimpse.

Sometimes you get in a prayer or in a meditation, it is just a small glimpse of your power that you see, that you feel. It is really you feeling your connection with the Creator. That is why it feels so good.

We love each and every one of you immensely, beyond words, and we know there are people who like to keep their river polluted and we love them and we want you to know that you can honour them too, no matter how polluted their river is, so-to-speak. No matter if they can follow that guidance or not. We want you to know that they are loved just as much as you are. And so it is okay to love them, just as they are, not as you wish them to be…with their river clean, and their water fresh. It is their will to be that way, just as we love them and respect them, the way they are, we ask you to do the same because that’s what the Creator inside would do. That’s what the Creator inside you would do.

And so, for our purpose is to love each and every Human that we come across just the way they are regardless of what they’ve done, what they’re doing, they way they are thinking and acting. They are loved. We ask you to love them just as we do. That is your purpose. There is no bigger purpose than this. This is exactly why you came: to love Humans just the way you are. You are only Human temporarily here. This is not who you are. This is just a temporary state, once again. We do love you very, very, very much and we ask you to honour and respect any and all Humans, including yourself, that is our purpose, that is why you came. That is why we love you because you are doing that in every moment that you can. We know you. We love you. We appreciate the work that you do and we honour the beauty that you really are in spiritual truth.

Love & In gratitude,
Native Ancestors, Angels & Guides // Higher Realm

☆•°*”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°*”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°*”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°*”˜˜”°•☆☆•°*”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°*”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°*”˜˜”°•☆ ☆

Message from the Angels & Star People / Monday 8-8-2016

You have the power to love everyone unconditionally and this includes yourself.

This is why you chose to come to Earth at this time, to share your Love with Humanity.

We, Your Angels and Guides are always with you. We love you unconditionally.

“I AM enough just the way I AM”. Repeat it daily. You will find the Love that you are in your Heart, nowhere else. Repeat: I release the need to suffer.

Suffering is not necessary.

You have every gift you can possibly imagine, ready for you to use.

Every gift, every talent, you have access to it now.

“I access my awesome writing skills now”. Repeat it. It will bring forth your gift of writing.

Abundance comes from within. The outside is a phase.

True Abundance is in the NOW. Not anywhere outside the present moment.

Do you have Love for yourself in this moment? Does it feel good to be you?

Are you aware of your thoughts and emotions in this very moment, NOW?

If you are, You are Abundant.

Message from the Lemurian Elders: / Mon 8-8-2016

Bright Sun, Love Yourself in this moment, as we Love you Infinitely.

Guide yourself to the wisdom that you already are, deep inside. Your presence on Earth enchants our hearts. So dear you are to us, to all Humanity, to the Universe, to the Creator. We see you Divine, completely made of Love, Innocence, Joy & Peace.

So we are helping guide you to this Truth & realization of who you really are.

Understand that you are LOVE embodied on the Planet, here to love people, the animals, the children & all Life.

So we are here guiding you towards the Light that you are. We guide you gently. We Love you. We Support you. We Honor you & your essence of Love. Forever adored you are.

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