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Message from the Angels & Star People / Monday 8-8-2016

You have the power to love everyone unconditionally and this includes yourself.

This is why you chose to come to Earth at this time, to share your Love with Humanity.

We, Your Angels and Guides are always with you. We love you unconditionally.

“I AM enough just the way I AM”. Repeat it daily. You will find the Love that you are in your Heart, nowhere else. Repeat: I release the need to suffer.

Suffering is not necessary.

You have every gift you can possibly imagine, ready for you to use.

Every gift, every talent, you have access to it now.

“I access my awesome writing skills now”. Repeat it. It will bring forth your gift of writing.

Abundance comes from within. The outside is a phase.

True Abundance is in the NOW. Not anywhere outside the present moment.

Do you have Love for yourself in this moment? Does it feel good to be you?

Are you aware of your thoughts and emotions in this very moment, NOW?

If you are, You are Abundant.

Message from the Lemurian Elders: / Mon 8-8-2016

Bright Sun, Love Yourself in this moment, as we Love you Infinitely.

Guide yourself to the wisdom that you already are, deep inside. Your presence on Earth enchants our hearts. So dear you are to us, to all Humanity, to the Universe, to the Creator. We see you Divine, completely made of Love, Innocence, Joy & Peace.

So we are helping guide you to this Truth & realization of who you really are.

Understand that you are LOVE embodied on the Planet, here to love people, the animals, the children & all Life.

So we are here guiding you towards the Light that you are. We guide you gently. We Love you. We Support you. We Honor you & your essence of Love. Forever adored you are.

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